Marrakech by night


At the end of the afternoon, in the setting sun, Marrakech reveals another personality and its true beauty. Let yourself be surprised by its shimmering colours, its sensual shadows which give relief to all the monuments and street scenes.

As dinner approaches, when you visit the typical neighbourhoods, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the multi-coloured spice stalls, by the heady smell of mint tea and hot bread, by the hubbub of discussions and horses’ hooves on the cobbled streets. This is the old beat of Marrakech, the one you will never forget.

Your guide tells you the thousand and one stories of Marrakech and thanks to him you learn its customs and traditions.

At nightfall, under the light of the lanterns, you see dozens of food stalls, each more incredible than the last: piles of kebabs, cakes, salads, grilled fish, chops … A huge and ephemeral banquet of dishes, one more fragrant than the other, irresistibly attract you. You sit on a bank and taste an incredible Tanjia followed by a fragrant and sensual mint tea while you are delighted by the liveliness and the perfume of this nocturnal Marrakech that you did not know or that you rediscover gladly.

*Please specify at the time of booking if you are on a special diet or have any allergies

Times: Depending on the season ~ from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
This price includes: The guide, the tasting of olives and Moroccan pastries, the dinner on the Jemma El Fna Square (Tanjia* and a mint tea)


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